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About the Album

“The Fire Will Rise” is an instrumental debut album by me, Jan Wilczek a.k.a. The Wolf, which was released on December 14, 2020. The album’s genre could be described as instrumental film music with elements of progressive rock. It was born out of love for powerful and inspiring soundtracks and combines classical and rock musical elements along with synthesisers sections. It was nothing like had been included before on a single LP.

All tracks had been exclusively composed, arranged, performed, recorded and produced by me, what allowed for a great deal of flexibility and musical expression. I could set up the pieces the way I wanted, so that the musical impression is most satisfying. The album had been 8 years in the making and marks my first album to be published. All tracks were mixed and mastered by Jan Mitoraj in his Epicentrum studio in Mikołów, Poland. The unique input of Jan spiced up the tracks even more, making for a spectacular musical horizon.

The album is available as a physical as well as a digital edition. Visit the Shop for further details.

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#Pracownia Meskich Portretow-0157

About the Artist

I come from Katowice, Poland and music is what drives me most.

I have been playing the piano since I was 6 years old and never got tired of it. Never went to a music school prefering private lessons instead which allowed for a greater deal of flexibility and pursuing own musical interests. Over time I became more and more interested in synthesizers and eventually played the keyboards in a couple of bands.

Simultaneously I have been working on “The Fire Will Rise”, which is my statement in the world of music. It is music from my heart and soul, expressing every bit of it. I meant every note and every line. The time has finally come for it to see the light of the day.

Apart from the piano I have also learned to play the guitar and the mouth organ. Privately, I am also heavily involved with sound as an audio programmer, programming my own virtual instruments and sound effects. Music is my world.

My favourite bands and artists are: Hans Zimmer, Dream Theater, Jordan Rudess, Mike Portnoy, Peter Gabriel, Nathan McCree, Peter Connelly, Frederic Chopin, Tangerine Dream, King Crimson, John Williams, Pink Floyd, Howard Shore, Helloween, Gustav Mahler, Scar Symmetry, Megadeth, Ludwig van Beethoven, Iron Maiden, Bruce Dickinson, Children of Bodom, The Alan Parsons Project, Rush, The Beatles, Yes, The Haunted, In Flames, Linkin Park, Electric Light Orchestra, Snarky Puppy, Stratovarius, Symphony X, Nightwish, Ozzy Osbourne, King Diamond, Nevermore, Transatlantic and David Arnold.

Track Listing

  1. Flames2:44
  2. The Cliff3:38
  3. Vectron6:32
  4. Ay Ay Captain6:12
  5. Deductive Mind4:59
  6. Memento8:50
  7. The New Jerusalem Suite24:26
  8. Rita3:13
  9. The Fire Will Rise1:59
  10. Howl and Bark6:24
  11. Ice5:53
  12. Christmas Always Comes5:06

About Me

I am a symphonic electronic music composer from Katowice, Poland. My debut album THE FIRE WILL RISE is has been released on December 14, 2020. It contains 12 pieces composed, performed, recorded, and produced by me. I encourage You to check it out!

© 2020 Jan Wilczek